Dickerson Wright, Chairman, CEO

Mr. Wright has served as our Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President since our inception in December 2009 and has over 35 years of uninterrupted experience in managing and developing engineering companies. From February 2008 through November 2009, Mr. Wright served as the Chief Executive Officer of Nova Group Services, Inc., a private equity sponsored engineering and consulting services company. From September 2002 until January 2008, Mr. Wright served as the Chief Executive Officer of Bureau Veritas, U.S., an international engineering and consulting company, where he was responsible for developing the company’s U.S. operations through strategic acquisitions and follow-on growth. Before Mr. Wright joined Bureau Veritas, the company had minimal presence in the U.S. By the time Mr. Wright left in January 2008, Bureau Veritas’ U.S. operations employed 2,700 people in 67 offices and generated $280.0 million a year in revenue. Mr. Wright founded U.S. Laboratories, an engineering and consulting firm, in October 1993 and served as its Chief Executive Officer through its initial public offering in 1999 and ultimate sale to Bureau Veritas in 2002. Prior to founding U.S. Laboratories, Mr. Wright held several senior management positions at national firms, including Professional Services Industries, American Engineering Laboratories, and U.S. Testing and was the founder of Western States Testing. Mr. Wright earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Pacific Western University and is a board certified engineer in California and Wisconsin.

Alexander A. Hockman, Director, COO and President

Mr. Hockman serves as a member of our board of directors and is COO and President of NV5. Before becoming President and COO, Mr. Hockman served as Executive Vice President of NV5 since September 2011 and President of NV5 – Southeast since February 2010 and has more than 27 years of diverse experience in the fields of construction inspections, materials testing, geotechnical, environmental, waterfront, construction, and building envelope consulting. From March 2003 until March 2010, Mr. Hockman served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Construction Materials Testing Division of Bureau Veritas. From 1985 until its acquisition by Bureau Veritas in 2003, Mr. Hockman served as the President of Intercounty Laboratories. Mr. Hockman earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Florida International University and is a licensed engineer in Florida.

MaryJo O’Brien, Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Ms. O’Brien serves as a member of our board of directors and is our Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary. Ms. O’Brien previously served as the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Administration of NV5. Ms. O’Brien has more than 24 years of experience in human resources, administration and the engineering and consulting engineering industry. From March 2008 through November 2009, Ms. O’Brien served as the Director of Human Resources for Nova Group Services, Inc. Prior to March 2008, Ms. O’Brien held various management positions with Bureau Veritas North America from September 2002 to January 2008. From November 1987 to August 2002, Ms. O’Brien served in similar human resources and administrative capacities for Testing Engineers - San Diego and U.S. Laboratories. Ms. O’Brien earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Business Economics from the University of California at San Diego.

William D. Pruitt, Director

Mr. Pruitt serves as a member of our board of directors and has served as General Manager of Pruitt Enterprises and President of Pruitt Ventures, Inc. since 2000. Mr. Pruitt has served as an independent board member and a member of the audit committee of MAKO Surgical Corp., a developer of robots for knee and hip surgery, since 2008. Mr. Pruitt has also served as an independent board member and chairman of the audit committee of Swisher Hygiene, Inc., a hygiene services company, since 2011. Mr. Pruitt served as an independent board member of The PBSJ Corporation, an international professional services firm, from 2005 to 2010. Mr. Pruitt served as chairman of the audit committee of KOS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a fully integrated specialty pharmaceuticals company, from 2004 until its sale in 2006. He was also chairman of the audit committee for Adjoined Consulting, Inc., a full-service management consulting firm, from 2000 until it was merged into Kanbay International, a global consulting firm, in 2006. From 1980 to 1999, Mr. Pruitt served as the managing partner for the Florida, Caribbean, and Venezuela operations of the independent auditing firm of Arthur Andersen LLP. Mr. Pruitt earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive).

François Tardan, Director

Mr. Tardan serves as a member of our board of directors. From 1998 to 2011, Mr. Tardan served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Bureau Veritas (BV), a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (Euronext Paris: BVI). During Mr. Tardan’s tenure at BV, revenues grew from €650 million to €3.4 billion and EBITDA margins increased from 8% to 16.5%. Under his leadership the company also completed more than 100 acquisitions in Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe and completed a successful IPO in 2007 with a placement exceeding €1 billion. BV shares increased in price from €37.7 to €56 during the time Mr. Tardan was with the company despite the impact of the 2008 financial crisis. Before 1998 Mr. Tardan was President and CEO of Fondasol, a notable European geotechnical firm with offices in France, Brussels, Luxembourg and Morocco. François Tardan graduated from Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) in Paris and received his MBA from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC).

Laurie Conner, Director

Ms. Conner serves as a member of our board of directors. Ms. Conner has 35 years of experience in technology companies focusing on strategy, marketing, sales and business development. Since 2013, Ms. Conner has been President and CEO of The Detection Group, a cloud-based IoT technology solution for commercial buildings to reduce water losses. Previously, Ms. Conner served as President of Gazebo Capital Management LLC, a financial technology and investment firm and as Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a division of New Focus, a leader in optical networking and photonics. Ms. Conner holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Duke University, a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Denise Dickins, Director

Brian Freckmann, Director